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Webhelp Recruitment Case Study
Uniting Ambition partners with Webhelp to build and retain and industry leading call center and sales team

The Client

Founded in 2000, today Webhelp is a 35,000 people-strong global leader in business process outsourcing (BPO).

They specialise in outsourced customer experience. Their capabilities extend across voice, social and digital channels. Their outsourcedservices have also expanded to include payment management, sales and marketing services.

Since its inception, Webhelp has grown significantly with more than 250 partners being served by global teams which cross more than 25 countries and more than 90 customer experience hubs. In the last four years alone, revenues have grown by more than 250%. Their main UK sites are Sheffield, Cardiff, Derby, Falkirk, Kilmarnock, Glasgow and Dearne Valley.

The Brief

Webhelp employ over 8000 customer service, sales agents in the UK. With constantly changing client demands and natural attrition they have recruitment challenges throughout the year and aggressive recruitment needs during peak periods.

Webhelp have an in-house recruitment team plus they used a list of agencies who gave an inconsistent level of quality and service. The agencies were also using the same web board candidate data as their internal teams.

The Solution

We offer Webhelp a fully integrated partner solution with the ability to flex our resourcing capacity, to meet peak demand periods. A consistent recruitment process was designed and fully integrated with the Webhelp internal team.

Our dedicated talent bank aggregator to allowed us to work from different talent pool than the internal teams. This advantage gave us the ability to source UK deliver nationwide, covering all of the Webhelp sites.

We gave their employer brand consistency with a clear message to candidates, maintaining positive PR. Uniting Ambition partners with Webhelp to build and retain an industry leading callcentre, sales and service team.

We are now Webhelps ‘supplier of choice’ for ‘volume recruitment’. We support throughout their estate placing between 100 and 225 staff per month dependant on client requirements