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A Strategic Approach To Hard To Find Tech Talent

One approach to talent does not fit all.

We take the time to fully understand your business, tailoring a talent strategy that solves your biggest niche recruitment challenges.


Tailoring a talent strategy unique to your needs

We spend time onsite to fully understand your business growth plans, company culture and future ambitions.

This is the first step to designing your talent strategy. It allows us to see the bigger picture, and is why your employer brand, culture, growth and succession plans matter to us.

We research your talent landscape and create handcrafted reports from 11 real time data sources.

This compliments our 360° approach - helping you to make key strategic decisions about niche talent. Carried out by experts utilising our UA Insights product, it maps you against the market and your competitors.

Once we are happy that we understand the full scope of work, we tailor a talent strategy unique to your needs.

A director level, single point of contact creates this for you, underpinned by a team of specialist consultants.


An accountable approach to niche technology talent

We assign a team that focuses on ultra-niche markets. This means they fully understand their business area, the market and the talent within it.

With access to unique talent pools and proven expertise across our 3 specialist functions, they leave no channel untapped to attract and engage the right talent for your business.

Using customised search methods and off-grid industry knowledge, we source and secure the market’s top technology talent.

And through referencing, rigourous prescreening and challenging skill testing, you'll only interview talent that have the professional skillset and cultural fit that you're looking for.

We have a 'hire right first time' philosophy - beleiving that attention to detail is crucial to success.

We take ownership and accountability for every detail of the prescreening process. We make sure we match the right person with the right role and take steps to ensure they're real advocates of your business.


Ensuring the placement and retention of talent

The way candidates consume your employer brand is important to us.

We work with you to create a seamless journey for both successful and unsuccessful candidates; taking time to learn exactly what will work with your employment brand. We help with your onboarding process to ensure talent is ready to go from day one.

91% of permanent candidates we place stay in their current position for over 2 years. 99% of our contractors complete their initial contract.

This is because we continue to take care of your successful candidates and the wider talent strategy post placement; making sure they're engaged and are real advocates of your business.

We gather anonymous feedback on every hire to help you save on the costs associated with attrition.

Succession planning is critical to protect key business functions. Our mapping tools mean that we see potential problems first, and make plans to backfill roles before they impact your business.

UA ProjectsThe Proven Project Solution

We've designed a simple package for technology change projects. From individual roles to entire teams, it delivers talent that solves your biggest project challenges.

Free eBook | Inshore vs emerging nearshore IT talent pools

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